Future Leaders Development Program USA

Mainfreight is looking for enthusiastic, proactive and motivated Future Leaders to join our ever growing team across the USA.

We’re in the business of global logistics, but that doesn’t mean you need to have studied this or have experience in the industry. If you have a positive attitude and you’re willing to learn, then one of our entry level positions could be perfect for you! We’ll teach you everything you need to know about global logistics, while developing your leadership skills in the business world. 

Mainfreight provides logistics solutions to a wide range of customers. We import, export, warehouse and transport wholesale goods around the country and world! This is a dynamic and fast paced industry where every day presents new challenges.

We started in little old New Zealand with a few thousand dollars and one truck back in the 70’s… now we’re a global business with offices all over the world and generating over $2billion in revenue annually. We need future leaders with the same drive and determination that our founders built this company on.

Our company culture is to promote from within so we look for people who want to lead and manage others in the future, but also understand that you need to start at a grass roots level and work in key operations and customer services first. No part of the operations will be above or below you, it’s all about understanding the big picture.

At Mainfreight, we value individuality, personality and guts. While your degree or qualifications are important, we’re just as interested in your sports and interests, your part time jobs and what makes you, you. We believe these are the qualities that will help you one day, lead a team, a branch or a country. If you're a college graduate who's hungry to learn, grow, be challenged and travel, you've come to the right place.

As a Future Leader within our business, support is given through a development program of leadership training, mentoring, projects, and peer networking to develop your personal leadership skills and business knowledge.

What will your role be?

When we look for our next generation of future leaders, we’re looking for people who fit the Mainfreight culture, not a particular job. Your entry level role will be in one of the following areas and you should be open to any of these opportunities;

  • Export / Import operations
  • Warehouse operations
  • Domestic transport operations

It is expected that as you strive to progress into a leadership role you will work to understand and optimize processes in;

  • Customer service
  • Operations
  • Sales

From here, you have the ability to progress into roles with more responsibility based on your drive and ability.


  • You are recently graduated with a bachelors degree – any major
  • You have no more than two years professional work experience (not including internships and work during study)
  • 态度主动和热情
  • 天生的领导者,期待在未来获得领导职位
  • 着重成果并会努力实践
  • 充满自信和自我意识高,具有高度自己反思能力
  • 勇于承担责任,积极主动寻求解决方案
  • 关注维护客户并能有效分析和提供客户所要求的信念
  • 与公司建立长期关系,您可以制定和发展自己的职业生涯
  • Finally, you are willing to live and work in various locations in the USA


  • 在商业环境下拥有令人兴奋和求真务实的“家庭”企业文化
  • A development program with a high degree of autonomy and plenty of room for personal initiatives
  • 为您提供许多国际市场和组织的机会


Apply now! Email your resume and cover letter to careers@mainfreightusa.com

Locations: Chicago, Newark, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Phoenix and more!

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Reference: GPUSA
Location: USA Wide
Listed: 21 Jul 2017